Dresser up-cycled with Rebel Junk Paint!


You will not believe this transformation!!!

But first... One of our customers came in and said he wanted to clear out his storage unit. We're thinking OK! We can totally help out with that. Really, who comes to a junker and says that?! We'll be right over!

Pulling up to his unit and he opens the door! It was like looking into a junker's paradise! The unit was at least a 10x30 stacked all the way to the 15ft ceiling! Filled with so many treasures of furniture, papers, home decor, and kitchy things. I just wanted to dig in!

This transformation is one of those treasures. At first it looked so sad... with all the scratches, marks, and broken knobs. My hubby said "I don't think you can save this one." Well, I only took that as a challenge!

rebel junk paint

Off to the shop to work a little bit of magic! It's not really magic but my favorite paint... Rebel Junk Paint! This is our own chalk / mineral base paint. It is prefect for these types of projects.
 No prepping! Just make sure your surface is clean.

brown dresser

Look how sad she was! After a few coats of paint, sanding, waxing, and new knobs she looks fabulous!

white dresser

What do you think about this transformation? Have you tried our paint? Our wax is to die for!
 Rebel Junk Paint is easy to use and our wax gives it a nice matte finish. Just apply and let dry.
We are actively looking for RETAILERS to carry our paint.

Go the REBELJUNKPAINT.COM for more information



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