Everybody has one!

It's MAKEOVER Friday here at Rebel Junk!

Yes, I think we all have had one of these beds sometime in our life. A maple twin bed!

A customer came in and she has two sets. Wanting not to get rid of them because they are a matching set. She wanted us to re-do them for her kid's room. Of course we love to paint... so here is the custom paint job.

What do you think of the new color? Peacock Blue! Soon to be AVAILABLE at all retail stores that carry our Rebel Junk Paint!!!

Her kids LOVED the new look!  We did do just a little bit of shabby around the edges... I just love the character that it brings to vintage pieces. Paint really does transform forgotten pieces of furniture into something FABULOUS! So, don't pass these up at garage sales!!!

Dixie DeRocherComment