DIY - Corn Hole Game!

Here's a DIY that is PERFECT for a summer project! It's easy enough to make and is guaranteed to bring hours of fun for family & friends once it's finished.



Tape Measure
Square Ruler
Wood Glue
6" (Six Inch) Hole Dozer
Hole Dozer Attachment
Miter Saw (for short cuts)
Table Saw (for long cuts)
Drill Press (for leg holes)
5/8" Drill Bit
Hand Drill (I prefer a Ryobi)
Kreg Jig (for socket holes)
Sander (for smoothing edges)
Air Strike Nail Gun (I prefer a Ryobi)
Band Saw (for detail cuts)

2 - Pieces of 24" x 48" Plywood
4 - 8ft 1x2
1 - 5/8" Wooden Dowel

2 Chest Latches (I used brass latches by EVERBUILT)
1 Package of 1 1/4 Inch Screws


Alright, now that we have everything - let's get started!


Step 1: Cut 2 plywood pieces at 48" x 24".

Step 2: Paint your design onto your boards. (You can also wait until just before you place on the frame.)

Step 3: Place the hole dozer onto attachment. Then place into your drill.

Step 4: Measure for the hole. Measure center of board and then 9" down. Place a dot. That is where your drill hole center will be.

Step 5: Start the process. Be careful as the blade will want to jump around. Be steady with the hand drill.

Step 6: Sand the edges for a smooth edge on the hole.


Step 7: Take the four 1x2 boards and place them on your plywood and marking them so you know where to cut. Measure twice to be sure.

Step 8: Cut your boards with the miter saw. There are two sides per board!

Step 9: Your next cut will be at the center brace and the end pieces. Take the measurements between the two side pieces.

Step 10: Measure on your 1x2 boards, then cut 3.

Step 11: Lay your frame on top of the plywood.


Step 12: It's time to break out the KREG JIG! I love this little tool because it allows you to joint two  pieces of wood where you will not see the nails on the outside. Measure and lock the drill bit at 1/2 inch.

Step 13: Drill 2 holes on each end of the 3 short brace boards.

Step 14: Line up the side pieces and the brace pieces.

Step 15: Put an ample amount of wood glue onto the 1 1/4 inch screws and place into each of the sockets.

Step 16: Place the Kreg Jig drill bit onto the drill and slowly screw them all into place. Use the square ruler to make sure things are all straight.


Step 17: Next you'll be working on the legs! Cut four at 12" each.


Step 18: For the legs to move smoothly, you'll want to round the top of the leg. I drew with a pencil and then cut with the bandsaw. I then took the one that was cut and used it as a template for the others.

Step 19: Smooth all the edges with your sander.

Step 20: Next is drilling the hole for the wooden dowel. Mark in the center where the rounded edge meets the straight edge on your legs and drill a hole.

Step 21: Place the leg inside of the frame work. Up towards the top where the hole is going to be. Mark where the hole should be for the dowel. Drill 1/4 inch into the frame work from the inside. NOT ALL THE WAY THROUGH!

Step 22: Now that the legs are ready, you will need to place them into the framework. Because your framework is glued together, you'll have to back the screws out on ONE side. Insert the dowel into the 1/4 inch drilled out holes on both sides.


Step 23: Once the dowel is placed in - drill the two screws back into the frame.


Step 24: Your framework is READY! Paint it!

Step 25: You can now finish up your plywood artwork too!

Step 26: Lay the plywood onto the top of the frame. Use the airstrike nail gun to attach the framework.

Step 27: Next you can attach the chest latches to the two boards.


Step 28: Lastly, make your corn hole bags! Measure 7x7" pieces of fabric, then fill with corn. Sew them up so you have SIX total!



You're all done! Now you're ready for some fun in the summer sun with family and friends. Enjoy!


-Elizabeth Anderson

A wife, mother, and enthusiast to crafting. Buying a new home and building a pallet board wall for decor inspired her to continue to create and explore all the possibilities with the left over pallet wood. Elizabeth discovered her love and passion through art and having so much fun doing so, she wanted to share the joy of making pallet signs with others. Elizabeth's company "Sweet On You Pallets" was established in February 2015.

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