Sunday Funday & the "Art" of Dry Brushing.

Do you ever just look at a piece of furniture in your home and realize that it REALLY needs a little TLC? Like this dirty end table of mine for example...

I decided to use a little of my left over REBEL JUNK paint (colors ICE CREAM & LAKESIDE) in order to really JAZZ it up a bit! 

The best part? It doesn't take much time to get this dreamy, shabby look.


Are you ready to paint? I thought so.

First, make sure to clean your piece really well. My end table was covered with dust and dog hair and you DON'T want those things mixed with your paint!

Now grab that paint brush and the first accent color you want on your top of your base color. I chose ice cream, a nice white color.

Dip your brush in the paint. Be sure to only get a small amount on your brush and then use the inner lip of the paint can to remove some of the paint. Like this...

You want a MINIMAL amount of paint. There shouldn't be any paint dripping from the brush.

Next, lightly do a few brush strokes on the top of your piece, until you need more paint.

Continue to do this all over your piece until you feel that you have the desired amount of your first accent color. If you get done and think you need a little more, go over it another time.

...and now we wait for the paint to dry... this is usually where I finish up the delicious glass of wine I've been drinking while I worked. ;)

Once it's ready to go, grab your next color! I picked this pretty blue, called LAKESIDE.

Do the exact same thing you did with the first color. I only wanted a little bit of blue to pop on my piece; if you want more, go crazy!

I bought that cute floral knob about 6 months ago from one of our REBEL JUNK VINTAGE MARKETS and STILL hadn't used it yet! I thought it fit perfectly with this table.

Once you're done and the paint is good and dry... Take a sanding block (I used 150 grit) and lightly sand your piece. This will soften the paint strokes and also make it nice and smoooooooth.

Stella wanted her paws & snout to make an appearance in this photo.

The last thing I recommend doing is sealing your paint job with some sort of furniture wax. Just a little added protection to keep it nice longer.

Other than're all done! Don't you feel GREAT about your old but NEW piece of furniture?! Maybe you want to have another glass of wine and just admire it's beauty.


Happy painting!



A free spirited gal who was born and raised in the heart (and hand) of the midwest. A few years ago she made the decision that it was time to move on to something and somewhere new and as a result now resides in northern Idaho on the shores of Lake Coeur d'Alene. She started working with Dixie of the Funky Junk Sisters shortly after moving and Dixie really brought out the inner artist in her. She taught Cheyenne all the ways of the JUNKIN’ world and showed her the magic of vintage goods and upcycling. It has been such a dream for Cheyenne to bring new life into beautiful old pieces of furniture. When she is not painting and refurbishing, you can find her doing fiber artistry and macramé. Her business "Cheyenne Moon Designs" was established in 2013.

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