DIY Rustic Headboard and Frame

Our daughter wanted to change her room up a bit. Now that she is 15 (going on 23) years old she wanted to have a room that was little more towards her age instead of all stuffed animals and girly girl things. It probably was way over due, however, I would like her to stay a little girl as long as I can!  Actually, the girly girl theme was Audrey Hepburn which we both love... but she is now over it.

She wanted to have a wood bed.. so, the hubby took a little time before Christmas to make his little princess dream come true. Of course the hubby has made a few custom beds for our clients... he made a set of twin beds for one client. I think he did a great job. Here is a picture of one that he built.

Here is the one he made for our daughter. She loves it and even loves it more that her daddy made it for her!

The idea started from this....

to this... A simple design and easy to build. He started with the headboard. He used a 8 foot 4x4 cut to 48 inches. Then I cut 6 1x6’s to 47 inches. Then he sanded all the

pieces with a belt sander to ruff them up a bit. It gives the wood a nice aged look once its stained. He stained all the pieces with dark walnut stain and let them dry. Once dry he distress all

the edges to give it that worn look and cut a 2x2 at 32 inches and screwed it to the 4x4 to attachthe 1x6 to. This is a very simple and strong way to attach the 1x6’s.

The mattress of a full size bed is 54x75. We had a couple legs left over from a coffee table we had torn apart. I thought they would be perfect for the bed. The hubby cut 2 1x6 at 71 inches for the side rails and the foot board at 46 inches. He made 45 degree corner braces out of 1x4 oak to hold the legs. Again he stained and distressed all the pieces before putting it all together on Christmas Morning.

He decided to build a inner frame to hold the plywood for the platform. There are many ways to do this but he is a man and wanted it to be as sturdy as possible. So, he built it out of 2x4 and made it fit inside the bed frame. Its about 6 inches smaller than the bed frame and 3/4 of an inch shorter so the platform sits inside the side rails. Once you put the platform in place just screw it to the inner frame and your ready for the mattress.

All together it was a fun and easy project and turned out really good.

The hubby did such a great job and we did find some mustard yellow (her favorite color at the moment) night stands to go next to her bed. Who wouldn't love a bedroom makeover for Christmas?!

I knew he was making this for our daughter but what I didn't know is that he made us a new bed for our room! He is pretty wonderful!

Time: Weekend project

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