We are grateful for so much!


First off, let me tell you how fun its been getting to know you all through these challenges! Some hysterical posts as well as very meaningful. We have to not forget no matter how busy things are we must stop and think about how good this life is and how blessed we are! 




For todays giveaway, I want to give you one of our America's Sweetheart T-shirt and VIP tickets to a Rebel Junk Market of your choice!


Here's the challenge:

What are you grateful for? Really, truly grateful for? Tell us! Share with your friends too! We love this season of giving and gratefulness! Post below or on our Facebook page!

Here are a few things I'm beyond grateful for! My husband Brent, my children Savannah, MaKenna and Quentin and the wonderful community of people who make Rebel Junk a dream!


Merry Christmas thanks for being apart of our Rebel Junk Family!





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