IF your walls could talk....

Actually, we want to know? Today we've have an amazing candle from Olive & Pearl and something I picked out... a fun little letter board for you!

Letter boards have made their comeback and are all over the likes of Instagram and Facebook. I have made my sides hurt with laughing so hard at some of the things people have written on theirs or just really appreciating what they've posted. Actually, I kind of want to put them in every room in my house. What about you? 

Just this morning I found these... and man they're cute!

Credit: Etsy, Letterfolk, Pinterest


So.. why not create a sweet little display with your Olive & Pearl Candle lit, take a big deep breath and have yourself a reflective moment! Olive & Pearl have some of the best smelling candles and their simple graphics make each candle fit perfectly into whatever setting you're placing it. 

In 2015 Founder & Chandler, Audrey Duke recognized a need to express her artistic side and began a mission to find a creative outlet. After ordering a candle making kit on a whim, she was hooked!


Here's what you need to do to be entered into the drawing for both gifts!

1.Tell us what your Quote of Day would be on your very own letter board! Are you feelin' nostalgic? Are you feeling a little jolly? Either way, I wanna hear it!

2.Go to our Facebook page and post on our Blog post of the day! and give Olive & Pearl a quick follow. (let her know Rebel Junk sent you).

Tomorrow will be our GRAND GIVEAWAY so make sure you tune in!


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