What's Old Is New! Upcycled Lighting for Your Rebel Home

One of the easiest ways to make a big impact on the look of your interior is with lighting. If you're like me though, you can go scour the lighting aisle of your local home improvement store and have a conversation with yourself that goes something like this:

"Oh, that's kinda pretty... if I were decorating a hotel."

"Oh, I like that, but it's a little too much for my house."

"Yaaaaaaawwwwnnnnnn... seen that one a time too many."

"Oh! I do actually like that. (Peek at price tag) NOPE. I don't like it THAT much!"

What's a girl to do?! The little DIY angel on my shoulder gets real excited right about now. Friends, it's time to get CRAFTY! Here are a few favorites that are prime for an upcycle day in the craft room!

Box graters! Sporting a convenient shape for a pendant and a handle for attaching wiring, these little lovelies are just perfect for a lighting revamp! Plus, the various sides give off a fun, unique glow!

box grater light.jpg

Photo credit: recyclart.org

Mason jars! From single pendants to multi-bulb fixtures, these may be the most versatile upcycle staple we've found! Play with sizes and colors to find the perfect look for your space!

mason jar light.jpg

Photo credit: thediyadventures.com

Colanders! Nearly every kitchen has a couple of these on hand, but those metal or enamel ones?! To die for! Flip them over, thread a bulb underneath, and you've got a beautiful pendant cover. Just like the box graters, the holes in colanders can make for beautiful light play on the walls and ceiling!

colander light.png

Photo credit: 4flighting.com

Tea kettles! Possibly my favorite of the bunch! Remove the bottom of an old tea kettle for a funky, wonderland-esque light fixture! If it's your unbirthday or you love little finger sandwiches, find a few tea cups to complete the set - so darn cute!!

tea lights.jpg

Photo credit: dream-decor.com (L) and lightcorporation.com (R)

These are just a few of MANY ideas we've seen, and we can't get enough! Have you upcycled a light fixture? Or maybe you've seen something that deserves a nod? Tell us all about it!!

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The Rebel Junk Team