Our Rebel Junk Vintage Market 12 Days of Giveaways Winners!!

Merry Christmas everyone!



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We Just Love You

We just love you guys and are so grateful for your support of our business! Honestly, this is the best "job" ever. I get to be around extremely creative people, I get to meet new friends all the time and I get to join and show love to communities all over the United States! I'm just so grateful my family and I get to be welcomed into your lives!


and the winners are...

Patti Soriano

Tammi Lamb

Dawn Nelson

Jill Ganger

Terri Brian

Sarah Chapman

Parri Van Dyke

Samantha Newman

Missi Crabtree Maki

Email us at rachael@rebeljunk.com and give us your address so we can send you your loot!!

Merry Christmas everyone, we just love you so much and daily we are grateful for all you contribute to Rebel Junk!!



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