Happiest of New Years!!!

There’s something so wonderful about the first day of a new year. Everything is fresh and pure, and so full of possibility! We so enjoyed all the gorgeous trends of 2017, but this new page has us turning our focus to what’s on the horizon for 2018! We have a few predictions to share with you, and we hope you’ll share your thoughts in return!

As we move into touring season with Rebel Junk Vintage Market, our team can’t help but speculate on what we’ll see from our fantastic vendor family, from the minutest details all the way up to the overall aesthetic. Here’s what we expect, based on forecasts and predictions from fashion and interior design platforms throughout the industry!


COLOR!!! Pantone has identified its Color of the Year for 2018 as UltraViolet, a regal hue full of inherent texture and easily worked into various color schemes.

Along with pops of UltraViolet in various forms, we can expect to see color in general! While gray will always hold a special place in the design world, high contrast will likely be the look of the year! Whether it’s tone on tone, blends of jewels and pastels (hello, lavender replacing blush pink!!), or bold blends of rich shades, color palettes will be getting some beautiful exercise this year!

TEXTURE! This is a favorite to play with in the world of design, whether it be in personal fashion or home interiors. Natural fibers like you’d find in woven baskets, or beautifully soft throw blankets can add depth and interest to your décor. Rather than placing baskets on the floor or shelves, try mounting them to the wall in a fun pattern for a unique twist on wall decor! 


Another fantastic way to incorporate texture that we expect to see is in patterned and textured wall paper and paint! Velvety finishes, hand-scraped designs, and printed paper are all poised for their close up in 2018. Wall paper is one of the hottest emerging trends right now, and for good reason! Gone are the dated prints we all remember, and in their place have come fresh colors, prints, patterns, and textures. You may even want to go the removable route, or try paintable wallpaper for a temporary option! Accent walls, contrasted with shiplap or wainscoting, or even strategic placement of furniture pieces of the same shade are all on the docket for the coming year!

via apartmenttherapy.com

via apartmenttherapy.com


NATURAL ELEMENTS! Natural wood and fibers have been making their presence known over the last couple years, and they’re not going anywhere in 2018! Butcher block countertops, exposed beams, industrial shelving and wine barrel accents – it’s all gorgeous, and it’s all here to stay! One trend that seems to be growing rapidly is the introduction of large scale, raw or minimally treated wood. Think wood slab table tops that utilize wax or acrylic to show off the natural grain and burling in lieu of paint and stain (although far be it from me to discount a gorgeous white farmhouse table!!). 

via intervolga.com

via intervolga.com


If you can't get enough of the Color of the Year, try incorporating a shade of UltraViolet into an unexpected room! The kitchen is a great place to add a splash of color among clean white and natural wood. It makes a statement without going too over the top, and brings new life to the room with minimal effort. A purple island is TO DIE FOR! Wouldn't you agree?!




via gettyimages.com

via gettyimages.com

MOODY, BLENDED ERA DESIGN! As the love of junking and vintage picking grows, a new generation of design-savvy customers is putting their own spin on their finds. Combining muted or darker colors with clean lines and eclectic pieces, this is the emergence of a trend I am falling madly in love with! Dark or jewel tone velvets call up antique living, while mid-century accents lend a sense of true vintage. Funky kitsch and modern industrialism find a home here too, completing a look of blended loveliness! Try incorporating metal or wooden light fixtures, or maybe a milk glass vase to offset the dark colors and textures. White or neutral walls allow the rich colors to shine!



2018 is set up to be MAJOR in the design world, and I, for one, can’t wait to see which of these forecasts come true, and what others we’ll see! What do you think will be the biggest trend of the year? Are you loving UltraViolet?! Let’s hear your predictions!

Be sure to check out our show schedule for 2018! Rebel Junk Vintage Market is the perfect place to hunt down the treasures that will keep your home both on-trend and incredibly unique! You can find it here:

Happy New Year!!!

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