Some thoughts after this holiday season...


Breath in deep and let out a big breath! We made it through another busy winter season! How did everything go for you? I was so grateful to spend time with my family and enjoy our gift giving and baking! 

There were some great moments, however there were some moments of... well just being there...

As some of you know we lost our son Quentin in a car accident two years ago and this this summer we lost our brother in law Troy on July 4th due to cancer. The holidays were filled with smiles and laughter but of course, we wished they were here. Those moments can be hard.... really hard. But we decided we were going to honor them and still enjoy the season. 

We've received such an outpouring of love and support and we've received many messages from people who have experienced similar loss and I'm just so grateful to know that we could be there for others who have dealt with it. Recently a woman emailed us telling us about the loss of her son and asked "how do you do it?" This is the best advice we can give: 

Always speak their name, always allow them to be apart of your experience. Do this because they have never really left and it honors those who are mourning their loved ones.

Moving forward, this is how we kept Troy and Quentin in our holiday season. First, Chistmas was shortly after Quentin's passing, his death was too fresh and pulling out our ornaments that held all sorts of memories was just too much for us. We went out to the nearest target and bought a whole new set of ornaments and decorated. It was my personal mission to have some sort of Christmas cheer around our home. This year, we brought our precious ornaments back out and we hung them. I'm sure I've sighed several times just thinking about things and cataloguing those memories. This felt like a big step and the right step. But take it from me, do it on your own time. There is no timeline for mourning. 

This was the before, beautiful right? But... maybe missing something

This was the before, beautiful right? But... maybe missing something


Ahh... there it is

our finished product this Christmas, full of memories and joy!


The other thing I enjoyed doing this year was creating a special gift for my sister Patty in memory of Troy. I found these adorable ceramic  village car garage pieces and then painted his name on them. Troy and Patty own a prominent tire and automotive center in Spokane, Washington and I thought, this is a great way she can have him around all year long! Brent and I had a motto in our house, "take it to Tro's" whenever anything went wrong, in fact that was the website he got when he needed to come up with his own dot com!


She loved it and it was a special gift we were able to share with her. 

Meaningful gifts were the name of the game this year and there were lots of them! What about you? Did you give or receive something very special? We would love to hear about it!


Thanks for coming along this wild ride this year! Next year is going to be so much more grand!



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