A Giveaway and one of our favorite vendors!


Today's giveaway is really, really easy! We want you to share the goodness with YOUR friends and followers! Here's what you need to do 1) Repost our giveaway on any of your social media pages 2) Tag our Rebel Junk Facebook page. 

Today's giveaway is from Woolman DesignsCraig and Carmen Woolman are a husband and wife team who own and operate Woolman Designs. This small business started out of a need for custom and quality items made locally. They focus on building home pieces like furniture and décor items made of reclaimed wood. While installing custom barnwood walls in clients homes is a popular request for them, Craig happily spends a majority of his time designing custom pieces for clients homes and offices like desks, headboards, hutches, and dinning room tables. Craig and Carmen love that they are able to source local materials that are reusable like wood barn and fences that have been torn down. They have a have strong need and desire to support other local businesses and do so when buying our materials. Woolman Designs is located in the beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and can be seen at  Rebel Junk Markets,  they rent a booth at Junk on Fourth Street.