O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

Nothing says Christmas season more than the lit up Christmas trees and everyone sharing photos of their gorgeous holiday decor, I feel like that happiest girl in the world as I drive through the neighborhoods and downtown shops with their bright lights peeking through the snow. I kind of like the crazy ones who put their trees up in November just so they can enjoy it longer and I definitely love when the Christmas music starts to play daily on the local radio stations! Sigh.... gorgeous.

Ahem... ok ok, back to the topic at hand. Christmas trees are fun, fantastic, and as we learned in our last Rebel Junk Market in Portland,  take great design! We had Janna Allbritton of Yellow Prairie Interior Design, LLC  come and give an excellent approach to decorating Christmas trees, I was so impressed at her method as well as the simplicity of her trees, however so gorgeous! You'll have to join us at our next market for some more workshops!

So here's the next Rebel Junk Giveaway! Our friends at Webbs We Weave are giving away a beautiful set of decorative blocks! We would love to hear about your favorite Christmas ornament or decoration! This could be something you had as a child, maybe something Grandma use to put up for decoration for the holidays or one of those handcrafted children's ornament made in school. Whatever it is we would love to see or hear about it.  Please leave your picture or comment on our Rebel Junk Market Giveaway post #3 on Facebook!

Meet the Webbs!


Meet the Webbs! This sweet family started their small business with the intent to pay for the adoption costs of their fourth and possible fifth (a set of brothers) children and now that they are close to closing on this adoption, they have created a small business that has become something sustaining and fun! Combing Ryan's handiwork and Shannon's creativity, they really have some of the most gorgeous home decor around! Webbs We Weave is a beautiful business name that describes  how connected we all are in this beautiful, messy web of life. Find them at our next Rebel Junk Market in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho March 2018!

We would love you to support small business this HOLIDAY season... so please visit the Webbs' website here.

Merry Christmas and good luck on the giveaways! Stay tuned a new giveaway will be announced tomorrow.


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