Our story and why Washington means so much to us!

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Our mom started it all by taking us to every garage sale, thrift store and flea market she could find with all 5 kids in tow. We would all pile in our OLD FORD Truck.. and jump out as soon as she stopped to see what we could find. Growing up in a small town in Washington State with very little money... Mom had to do the best she could with what we had. As we grew we learned all the best junking techniques from our Mom.  At the age of 32, I took the leap and opened my very own vintage store. All the long hours away from my small children took a toll. I wanted to find something that I loved to do without all the long hours, day after day. in 2009 my older sister and I came up with the perfect plan! We became the Funky Junk Sisters and held a vintage market called "Junk Salvation" that was named one of the top 25 vintage markets in America. As the years went by I knew I needed to take another leap and venture out on my own.

Rebel Junk Vintage Market was born!!!

Our first market as Rebel Junk was in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho November 2015! It was a great success with our three kids helping out. The next one was scheduled in Portland, Oregon the first weekend of December 2015. Just one show under our belt as a huge success... we were prepping for the next one. Then our life changed!

On December 1, 2015 as we slept in our beds knowing we were leaving the next day to travel to our second show. A knock on the door from our son's girlfriend at midnight... crying and saying "She doesn't know where Quentin is at"! Every parents nightmare became our reality. We received the dreaded knock on the door from the sheriff. Our son was in a car accident and didn't make it.  As I write this I am sobbing but want you to all to know why our show in Tacoma, Washington means so much to us.

My husband and I sat there with our girls... crying and talking about what we should do. Knowing so many people are counting on us for our show in Portland, Oregon. Knowing our son loved helping and working for our shows we decided not to tell anyone except the vendors and close friends what had happened. We got dressed and loaded up our trailer for our travels. One of the hardest things we have ever done.

Fast forward to December 1, 2016... the one year mark. Mind you we are back in Portland for our show... having a few drinks in our room to help relax our nerves that it has been one year since our son had passed. We talked about his birthday and all the things he helped with to put on all the shows in the past. As we talked we laughed about the silly things he would do... what could we do to honor our son? Let's put on a show!



This fall we decided to come back to where it all began, the Puget Sound. Where our story and family started. We especially liked the date September 23rd because we knew that would put us in town for our son's would be 21st birthday on September 22nd. One reason we chose a one day show was so that we could be in town to celebrate our son's life with our friends and family in the town of our son's birth.  Our Friday night will be filled with memories, laughter and probably a whole lot of crying... having a few drinks to celebrate the life of our son, Quentin.

This will be one of the BIGGEST shows to date! We are putting on a PARTY in our son's honor! Live MUSIC, Vintage Trailers, Demonstrations (chalk paint, furniture building, jewelry making, signs, and who knows what else), giveaways and yummy food!  Join us from 9am-4pm September 23, 2017 at the Tacoma Dome!

As you can see why Washington means so much to our family and the reasons why we chose to do a one day show at the Tacoma Dome. I must admit that growing a business after this kind of tragedy has been the most challenging things to do in our lives.  Creativity is sometimes hard to come by and it is difficult to stay focused and motivated. But because of the love and support from so many of you in the Junkin community and the Grace of God, we have found the strength to push forward with our dream of a traveling market.

xoxo Dixie


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