Meet the Maker Monday - Crackerjack Junk Co.


Have you ever met someone who just rocks at life? You know what I mean. They're the funny one with the incredible talent, but they don't make you feel jealous. You just want to be around them. That's the Floyds. Sunny and Joey of Crackerjack Junk Co. are the power couple of the week, and for good reason! 

With an arsenal of vintage furniture, some legit authentic decor items, and the coolest hand-painted signage around, the Crackerjack booth is always a must-shop. We asked the Floyds a few questions so you can get to know them:

Rebel Junk: How would you describe your personal vendor style?

Sunny and Joey Floyd: We paint signs and much more. We are a combination of our love of TX & carnival, gold & glitter, the velvet, the sparkle & sequins, the chippy paint and patina...we are Crackerjack Junk Co.

RJ What got you started in the traveling market world?

SJF: Well, we are military and at each new location one of the first things we do is look in to doing sorta helps ground us and gets things rollin' for Crackerjack.

RJ What is your most treasured flea market find?

SJF: Is this a trick question?! my home is FULL of my most treasured finds. I have a 7ft marquee arrow sitting in my house that we picked for 50 bucks, which was by accident...we spotted it in a trash bin...GULP!

RJ What is your favorite item to make or makeover?

SJF: Our signs! It's not the cookie cutter look. We want our signs to make a statement. Be the focal point in your home or business, the art on your wall. We want to bring the past to the present and give a true vintage look.

5. What is one food you wouldn’t want to live without?

SJF: Fried okra, chicken fried steak, bbq, texmex... we're from TX so this could go on and on.

RJ: What is one thing that makes you absolutely unique? (Market-related or not)

SJF: We are true to ourselves. Kinda like, what you see is what you get! We certainly aren't Chip and Joanna...nor are we trying to be.

RJ: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

SJF: There are so many places here in America we'd love to travel to. Just give me an RV and some cash!

RJ: What is your favorite quote?

SJF: Don't worry about losing. If it is right, it happens- the main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good ever gets away. -John Steinbeck

RJ: Describe your business in 5 words or less.

SJF: Bold- fun- original- authentic-one of a kind

RJ: your life had a theme song, what would it be?

SJF: Bad Company by Bad Company -this song is about the "rebel souls" the "lawless" and the "outlaws"... it's going by our own rules. Crackerjack can relate!




We know you're going to love the Floyds as much as we do! I mean, check out this beauty of a chair! Sunny has teased us countless times with her, "basement full of vintage velvet furniture," and so far everything we've seen is to die for!






Joey has unequaled talent when it comes to sign lettering. Seriously, when he told us he hand-paints his signs, we didn't believe him at first. they look THAT authentic!




You have to come meet these guys, and we want to see you too! Grab your tickets below and come on out to Rebel Junk Market!


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