Meet the Maker Monday - Mama Roost!


Y'all, it's Meet the Maker Monday, and we've got a good one for ya! As a traveling flea market, we have the opportunity to see new places, meet new people, and forge relationships that last a lifetime with folks who just GET IT. You know? Those people who become sort of a cornerstone in your world because they're truly part of your world. Pam Stauber of Mama Roost is one of those cornerstones. Part of our Rebel Junk lifeblood, Pam has been with us since our very first Portland, OR show!

I asked Pam a few questions to give you a bit of insight into her world. Check out her answers, and I dare you not to fall a little it in love with her!


Rebel Junk: How would you describe your personal vendor style? 


Mama Roost: My style is Euro Farmhouse with a little Boho.  I am now aiming more towards earthy textures like wood and old crockery.  I am absolutely in love with textile textures like grain sack, jute/hemp and linens.

RJ: What got you started in the traveling market world? 

MR: Oh that would be my daughter, curator/owner of Trouvaille Lifestyle - it's all her fault.  Good thing we are close as mom and daughter.

RJ: What is your most treasured flea market find?

MR: I LOVE clocks, they have such sweet faces, like personalities!  Clock faces, clock bodies, clock parts... yeah that would be my favorite.

RJ: What is your favorite item to make or makeover?


MR: I love creating with textiles.  It is very fulfilling taking an old grain sack which reflects years of use and hard labor and transforming it into maybe a pillow, chair covering, table runner . . . It's really unlimited.

RJ: What is one food you wouldn’t want to live without?  

MR: I love earthy, spicy foods like Eastern Indian food.  Those flavors make me crazy like yum!

RJ: What is one thing that makes you absolutely unique? (Market-related or not)

MR: In this vintage/junk type industry only a few of the vendors actually sew.  That gives me a lot of room for unique creativity.

RJ: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

MR: Anxiously planning a trip to Europe with the goal of Scotland & Ireland in the next couple of years.

RJ: What is your favorite quote?

MR: Gosh I have so many, I love quotes, especially positive and uplifting.  My foundation is Christ so this quote describes how I want to live, it is from someone name Chonda Pierre: “I want to live my life so that every morning when I wake up, Satan says, “On no! She is awake!”.

RJ: Describe your business in 5 words or less.  

MR: Home goods for unique decorating.

RJ: If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

MR: My life is a circus and who are those monkeys?


You did, didn't you? You totally went and fell in love with Pam. It's ok, we all do! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't also in love with this BAG! Completely swoon-worthy, with that side of practicality. Exactly what I'd hope for from a Euro-Farmhouse purveyor!

 We are so thrilled to see her this weekend in Portland, and we hope to see you, too! Click the link below to snag your tickets, and be sure to stop by Mama Roost and meet the lovely Pam!

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