Meet the Maker(s) Monday


As you may have seen, we just wrapped up our first show of the year in Hillsboro, OR. Just outside Portland, Hillsboro is this great little suburban town which (conveniently for us) houses the Washington County Fairgrounds. We loaded up and trekked over on Wednesday so we could be ready to set up bright and early Thursday morning. PS, if anyone is wondering, it’s totally possible to drive from Spokane, WA to Portland, OR on one tank of gas in a Dodge Caravan. Just a fun deposit for your knowledge bank! Here's another one for you: many of our vendors pack up and display what amounts to a one- or two-bedroom apartment's worth of goodies! It was mind-boggling and more than a little impressive to watch the whole thing come together!!

Speaking of our vendors, today is Meet the Maker Monday! We got to spend time with so many incredible vendors over the weekend that we couldn’t choose just one we wanted to highlight. Instead, we want to show you how much fun we had with our family of Rebels!

This show brought back an absolute ton of return vendors. We just love seeing so many familiar faces as part of our family!! It’s so fun to watch interactions of these tried-and-true business owners who genuinely love what they do!

One of the most fun parts of the show is the fact that we had a nearly unprecedented number of brand new vendors. I’m not just talking new to us, I’m talking new to shows like this at all! Not only were these small business owners brave enough to put themselves out there and jump into a growing market, but they made it such a fun weekend for us and for each and every customer who came across their path.

Nearly every husband, father, significant other, and family man that we saw couldn’t help but stop by and chat with Matt of Lights of Redemption. Johnnie of Sacred Queen Jewelry had so many smiling faces leaving her booth! The Oviatts of His & Hers Home Decor made our hearts sing with joy for them when they sold their first item (and when their sweet daughter sold enough of her trivets to buy a Hatchimal)! The list could go on and on, but ultimately, the weekend was just a reflection of the hard work and huge amount of heart these vendors brought to the party. 

We are so very proud of our Rebel Junk Family for putting on such a huge first show of the year, and we legit cannot WAIT to continue this tour! Well... we can wait a week or two. But only for a brief recovery period after bringing home all the treasures! We’re headed to Loveland, CO next! Be sure to click the link below to find show information and get your tickets to follow us across the land! If you're interested in joining this party as a vendor, click the Vendor Application button to get started!

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