Meet the Maker Monday - The Original Rebel!


This is usually the time of week we like to use to highlight one of our wonderful vendors, but with our first home market of 2018 coming up next week, we wanted to take a different route. Over the last year, Rebel Junk Vintage Market has grown. There are so many new faces and new friends who have joined this ride with us, and we realized - if WE don't know everyone, there's a good chance that not everyone knows the story of Dixie... the Original Rebel!

Dixie DeRocher is the heart and soul behind Rebel Junk in all its forms. The number of hats this woman wears is legitimately astounding. Beyond being the Boss Babe producer of a multi-state vendor event and all its many facets, Dixie is wife to Brent (the man behind the structure of our markets and booths!) and mom to two teen girls. Add a few furry friends in the mix, and she's got a house full! Dixie is also the mastermind behind the design for such internationally renowned festivals as Coachella and Stagecoach, and a DIY maven (signs are her favorite project) in her own right. Talk about a multitasker!


It hasn't always been roses for Dixie. Born in Deer Park, Washington, she entered the world of junk shows and vintage markets as a vendor. Following a few smaller shows, she applied for what she thought of as the "big dogs". She didn't make the cut. I know... how...??? But rather than let something as trivial as being told, "No," stop her, Dixie decided not only was that unfair, but she was going to do something about it!

In May 2009, Dixie began her first market. After a few years, she decided it was time to strike out on her own and create a market that embraced everything she wanted for it. Thus was born Rebel Junk! Now spanning seven states and looking to expand further, Rebel Junk Vintage Market isn't just a blip on the radar... it paves the way! By embracing vendors of varied styles and ideologies, Dixie has brought together a market where you can find it all. Beyond that, the vendors, customers, and Rebel Junk family all hold a special place in the seemingly bottomless heart of Dixie and her family.


When asked about her goals and plans for Rebel Junk, Dixie professed a desire to head south for a future market! Texas, maybe?? We know whatever she puts her mind to will happen! Be sure to keep up with Dixie and Rebel Junk Vintage Market as we continue the 2018 tour! We're at home in Coeur d'Alene, ID on March 23-24, and then it's on to several exciting location for spring and summer! Head to the Rebel Junk website to purchase tickets, apply to be a vendor, and stay up to date on all things RJVM!

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