Bring on Spring! DIY Time!

After a long couple weeks, sometimes you need a chill pill to get your head on straight. Some people turn to the day spa, or maybe a hike in the woods... and some of us turn to our favorite retail and DIY haven. Hobby Lobby always has my back when I’m in need of an hour of aisle-wandering and inspiration.

As per usual, I’ve been spending a few sleepless nights lately scrolling Pinterest in search of a new project (or recipe, or some sort of fitness thing I should probably be doing) and lo and behold: I hit the jackpot. 17 million different spring wreaths. I love a good seasonal wreath. Not the brightly colored ribbon wreaths (though those are beautiful, they’re just not my style) but something that highlights the season through color, texture, and just plain prettiness. 

tire wreath13.jpg

So I saw this galvanized tire full of flowers from and I thought, “Wow! I could totally do that!” Famous last Pinterest words, am I right?! Well, I figured I’d take it on anyway. I gathered my forces and headed to Hobby Lobby hoping that a) they would still have galvanized tires in stock (I had no clue when the inspirational article was written) and b) that it wouldn’t take too much more than common sense. I’m not great with instructions, you see.

Fortunately, this little number was ridiculously simple. Your basic “instructions” include stuffing some foam inside a metal tire, separating and trimming some faux flowers, then stuffing them into the foam in an arrangement that makes you happy.

You can literally choose any color scheme that floats your boat. Have you visited the silk florals section of the HobLob lately? It’s so expansive that it has inspired its own internet challenge. Seriously, Google it! So choose your flowers and grab yourself some green floral foam blocks. Honestly, I didn’t think the bunches of flowers I grabbed would be enough, but I loved how they filled it up, and I actually had a ton of greenery left over.

tire wreath17.jpg
tire wreath20.jpg

Stuff some foam into the tire - I started with two blocks, but I hated that I could see it peeking up over the edge. Something about a square peg and a round hole... so I cut them in half so they would lay a little flatter - perfect. Then I ended up taking out the two end pieces because they just weren’t necessary. So, you know, one block of foam, cut in half. (Told ya I’m not great with directions.)

Separate all your flowers. I find there are two ways of doing this. Either take a pair of cutting pliers - those probably have a real name, but I don’t know it - and clip the stems. OR get some aggression out by bending and twisting each wired stem toll it gives way. Your choice, and I won’t judge. 

tire wreath15.jpg

I sort of laid all the flowers in the tire to see how I wanted them, and then just stuck them into the foam. Start with the bigger ones first, then fill in with the small ones. It just makes life easier, trust me. I filled in the greenery last, paying absolutely no attention whatsoever to which leaves originally went with which flowers. I just don’t think it matters, but if that messes with your flow, you may want to put them in together. 

tire wreath2.jpg

The great thing about the foam is, you can just rearrange as you go and sort vary the depths and positions of everything to get the look you want. Play with texture, height, and depth. Find the expanse that works for wherever you’re going to hang it.  Fluff it a bit, and you’re done. It really is that easy!

And isn’t it pretty?! It’s so springy and bright! I don’t really think it needs any other embellishments, by you could absolutely add a monogram letter or wooden welcoming phrase if it strikes you. If you make one, show me! I want to see!!

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