Meet the Maker - CiderPress Lane


Oh my goodness. Have you ever tried to introduce someone, but felt lost for words because you're simply in awe of them?? That's about where I'm at. Kelly and Aaron Welk of Silverdale, WA will be joining us in Tacoma this fall, and man. I am just so thrilled about them as humans, as vendors, and now, as Rebels!

CiderPress Lane is a community-based event design business which hosts a fair trade kitchen supply company. I know. That's a lot to take in. Not only do the Welks design the MOST beautiful events, but you can literally take away everything you need to make it happen in your own home, from utensils to the table to the instruction manual. 


Truth be told, though, design wasn't what drew me to CiderPress Lane. Don't get me wrong. Their Instagram is chock full of incredible-looking food and tablescapes and happy people I'd love to share a meal with... but truly, they touched my heart. I haven't even met them in person yet, but they have my heart. 

If you go to the CiderPress Lane website, you'll be able to read their story. And I dare you not to be inspired. No, not really. First of all, you just will be. Second, they have a cause that is so great. The Welks wanted to make a difference in the hellish world of human trafficking. I think we can all say we'd love to put an end to such an inhumane and horrific part of our world. Instead of just wishing they could do something, though, the Welks DID something.


They began hosting dinners and asking their friends to pay for their meals. They donated the monies gathered directly to an organization aimed at ending human trafficking. Their organization grew, and now not only are they feeding people, donating to such a worthy cause, and running a design business (you know, with all their free time) but a portion of their proceeds still goes to helping those in need, and their products are selected specifically because they empower women in business.

Can someone start a slow clap please?? Seriously. I am absolutely humbled by the folks behind CiderPress Lane, and so SO thrilled to say they'll be part of Rebel Junk Tacoma. Please do check out their website or Instagram, and be sure to come see them at the Tacoma Dome on September 28-29th!

*All photos property of CiderPress Lane. 

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