Meet the Maker Monday - Furniture Arts by Briar Rose

When it comes to junking, there's something so special about taking the old, the worn, and the frayed, and making it new again. Whether it's a reupholstered sofa you found on the side of the road (ummm, SCORE!) or a busted old dresser you can just see upcycled into a beautiful TV stand, or any number of other things, sometimes all it takes is a keen eye and a coat of paint. 

Colorado locals Claudia and Brian Schimert have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into this mindset. As repeat vendors for Rebel Junk, we can attest to the creativity and sense of purpose behind their shop, Furniture Arts by Briar Rose.

Incorporating salvaged, repurposed, and rehabilitated pieces into their display, along with vintage textiles, jewelry, and other treasures, Briar Rose is a must-stop booth at any Rebel Junk Market!

Get ready, Cheyenne, WY, because they're coming to see YOU next! Don't forget to grab your JuNK buddies and grab your tickets to come see Furniture Arts by Briar Rose at the Cheyenne Ice and Events Center on June 22-23!

*All photos property of Furniture Arts by Briar Rose

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