Rebel Junk Contributors


Heidi Tobler - The Wild Poppy

Heidi Tobler

Meet Heidi Tobler, owner of The Wild Poppy. They say that "Junkin" runs in the blood and she is living proof of that. Heidi is from England and some of her earliest memories are from outings to the auction with her grandad. Heidi has fond memories of him wheeling and dealing to get the best cradles and dollhouses that she had her eye on.   Heidi has always been creative, loved restoring things, and giving them a new look. Heidi has been around the junkin' world since 2008. Now, she is ready to share her expertise with all of you.

Cheyenne DeJohn - Cheyenne Moon Designs

Cheyenne DeJohn - Cheyenne Moon Designs

Cheyenne DeJohn

A free spirited gal who was born and raised in the heart (and hand) of the midwest. A few years ago she made the decision that it was time to move on to something and somewhere new and as a result now resides in northern Idaho on the shores of Lake Coeur d'Alene. She started working with Dixie of the Funky Junk Sisters shortly after moving into town. Dixie really brought out the inner artist in her. She taught Cheyenne all the ways of the JUNKIN’ world and showed her the magic of vintage goods and upcycling. It has been such a dream for Cheyenne to bring new life into beautiful old pieces of furniture. When she is  not painting and refurbishing, you can find her doing fiber artistry and macramé. Her business "Cheyenne Moon Designs" was established in 2013.


Elizabeth Anderson - Sweet On You Pallets

Elizabeth Anderson - Sweet On You Pallets

Elizabeth Anderson

A wife, mother, and enthusiast to crafting. Buying a new home and building a pallet board wall for decor. Inspired her to continue to create and explore all the possibilities with the left over pallet wood. Elizabeth discovered her love and passion through art and having so much fun doing so, she wanted to share the joy of making pallet signs with others. Elizabeth's company "Sweet On You Pallets" was established in February 2015.